Luxury Kitchen Flooring Trends in 2016

Whether you want to completely renovate your kitchen for a stunning new look, or want to update just your floor, there are numerous gorgeous options. Let’s explore some stylish choices that help to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchens these days are often sporting beautiful hardwood floors. One delightful surprise about this development is the incredible variety now available. Besides the classic oak, maple and heart pine, there are also new color trends to consider. For example, whitewashed hardwood flooring looks fabulous with a more contemporary styled kitchen. Ditto for gray hardwood! Muted gray is a very on-trend color choice in the kitchen for 2016. Blonde hardwood leans a little more towards traditional but is still fresh and bright while maintaining a more classic feel. Interesting choices include maple wood, red oak flooring and white oak flooring.

No matter your choice, you win.  Hardwood floors have stood the test of time because they are durable, easy to clean and visually stunning, so it’s not surprising to see sharing that these floors have overtaken tile floors in popularity.

Luxury kitchen flooring choices can include vinyl options that look like fine oak or polished marble, according to Scott Humphrey, chief executive of the World Floor Covering Association. Newer vinyl uses photo technology that can mimic other materials closely.

Here’s an overlooked element to flooring choices: the finish. Which one should you choose? Consider satin, which calls “both practical and beautiful; it hides footprints, dirt and scratches and it’s pleasing to the eye. It’s been trendy for quite awhile now, and we expect the trend to carry over into 2016 and beyond.”

One more consideration. According to the World Flooring Covering Association, reports, “natural looks showcasing textures and grains are going to be popular trends in the floor remodeling department.”

TKO Offers Multiple Luxury Kitchen Flooring Options

We are here to meet your luxury kitchen flooring needs and answer any questions you may have about the choices available for your home. These include ceramic tile, stone, porcelain, vinyl, hardwood and laminate.

It’s now time to take your dream to someone who can help you turn it into reality. At Total Kitchen Outfitters, our kitchen designers can help you find the flooring option that best enhances your space and lets your personal style shine through. With 20+ years of experience, we can help you to identify the perfect design, complete the installation process, and present you with a space that is beautiful – and uniquely you. Contact our NYC kitchen designers online or call 718-439-1234.