Power of Neutrals in Modern Kitchen Design

There are many reasons why using neutral colors can be so effective in contemporary kitchen design. The first is that it can be a part of virtually any style, from warm-and-inviting traditional to sleekly contemporary – or from subtle and stylish to sophisticated and artistic, or from classic and elegant to vintage country. Here a glimpse at just a few of the ways that neutral colors can be used:

Perfect Background for Contemporary Kitchen Design

Another advantage of using neutral colors: when you do use a splash of bold color – say, red or electric blue – it stands out brilliantly. No vivid touches of color get overlooked when used appropriately with a neutral foundation. And, if you have richly-hued pieces of china or other collections that you like to display, neutral backgrounds make them even more of a key focal point.

Flexible and Versatile

With a well-designed neutral foundation, you can swap out appliances, pieces of décor and the like and create a whole new look. Change textures. Change countertops. Change flooring. And, you’ve created a whole new look, one that still fits together well.

Bottom line: if you’re the type of person who likes variety, a neutral core could be the perfect choice.

Visually Enlarge Space

When done well, neutral colors can enlarge the perception of space and reflect natural light. It may sound strange to think of white having shades, but the various shades of white can work especially well in smaller kitchens to brighten the room.

Beige also works well and comes in an even larger variety of shades, include “greige” with its touch of gray. When you choose gray, bold colors stand out intensely while lighter colors shine.

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