More Modern Kitchen Design Predictions

What’s popular in Europe often foreshadows what will become popular in the United States – although American styles usually comes with their own unique twist. So we took a look at a report from an Italian kitchen and bath design convention from 2014 to see what was predicted for the U.S. in 2015 and 2016.

Trends for Contemporary Kitchen Design Include:

  • Traditional kitchens are rectangular, linear. An emerging trend is the curvy, organically-shaped kitchen.
  • Thin silhouettes are showing in the form of skinny ceramics, often with “beautifully beveled edges that further accentuated the lovely lines of the thin surface materials.”
  • Bronze and copper are being predicted as the “new kings of metal,” replacing brass.
  • Reveling in the luxury of brown, with a “rich and luxurious color palette of browns from mink to sable to seal brown . . . sashaying their way onto the design scene.”
  • Fashion-inspired details, including “tantalizing couture confections for kitchen and bath from supple leather-clad cabinet doors to quilted back splashes and walls to cabinets and surfaces dressed in fashion patterns including sumptuous brocades and tailored hounds tooth printed on strong laminates.”

‘Zine Predicts 2016-2017 Modern Kitchen Design Trends

This interior design post suggests that if you want to freshen up your white, gray or black kitchen, you should consider tawny colors, equator yellow or Bali Hai blue; “popular kitchen colors will be bright, but with a more mild edge – yet careful – not quite to the point of pastel.”

Other contemporary kitchen design trends discussed include:

  • The black kitchen
  • Sleek hardware-free cabinetry
  • Multi-functional kitchen island, sometimes with an industrial feel
  • Inclusion of greenery/live plants
  • Use of concrete

Bottom Line: Your Taste in Kitchen Design Matters

No two people have the exact same taste – and, in a customized luxury kitchen, trend-watching can be useful to see new ideas. But, they can and should be mixed and matched to fit your taste, lifestyle and architecture.

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