Focal Points of Your High-End Kitchen

Like any other project, a high-end kitchen remodel has numerous elements to consider – and it can be helpful to look at the most important and then build the rest of the design around those crucial elements.

For example:

Luxury Kitchen Countertops

For many people, countertop choice is paramount – and there are so many options available today: from stone to wood, and from high pressure laminate to engineered stone, tile, even stainless steel. And, you can always mix and match your countertops to create a look that’s unique yours, perhaps using one type of countertop in your food prep area and a contrasting one in the breakfast nook area.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Other people like to make their kitchen cabinets a focal point – and, when you choose custom kitchen cabinets that are designed for your unique design, they can be very eye-catching. And, although appearance is important, you should also carefully consider function. Do you love to experiment with different combinations of herbs and spices in your gourmet cooking or baking? Then, as just one example, where should your pullout spice rack be located? Do you need more than one?

Color Schemes

We recently blogged about the important role that color choices play in human psychology – and the look and feel of your high-end kitchen. If there is a color scheme that feels especially inviting to you, you can consider that as your starting point in your custom kitchen design.

High-End Kitchen Appliances

Refrigerators do much more than just keep your food and drinks cool, nowadays. You can program different sections to cool in specialized ways, you can have them designed to match your custom kitchen cabinets for a sleek unbroken look – and you can even have a television screen included to truly make your kitchen the center of your home.

As far as ovens, consider ones with concealed controls for another sleek look. When you need to use your oven, the control panel can be flipped over. When you’re done, it flips right back. If work or other commitments can sometimes cause meal time to be delayed, an oven with a warmer gently keeps food warm with moist (non-drying!) air.

Or, if you love simmering sauces, consider cooktops with a melt feature that allow you to use low voltage to keep a sauce on simmer for hours. Or what about a steamer built directly into your countertop that quickly cooks food in a healthy way? A warming drawer for keeping your coffee and tea mugs warm? Possibilities are endless!

Custom Kitchen Design Services

Our team of professionals provides exclusive design services and craftsmanship while also understanding the importance of creating a high end kitchen that will truly serve as the heart of your home. We partner with the finest suppliers to bring you a wide array of styles and choice materials.

We have more than 20 years of experience and we will accompany you on your complete journey: from concept to construction – culminating in the unique kitchen of your dreams.

Contact us for your kitchen design services now.