Harness the power of psychology in high end kitchens

A British magazine, Country Life , published a fascinating article a couple of years ago titled, “The psychology of the kitchen.” The article begins with this statement: “I used to think that designing a kitchen was all about aesthetics, ergonomics and craftsmanship. Now, I know it’s about something less tangible – understanding what kind of environment makes a person feel happiest at home: a move from the outer world inwards . . . there is importance in creating a relaxing ambience in a contemporary life full of anxiety.”

Mastering aesthetics, ergonomics and craftsmanship in kitchen design is still important, mind you, but we agree with the writer that, because the kitchen is the heart of the home, we rely upon it for our “sense of belonging and rootedness.”

Luxury kitchen colors

The human brain reacts in different ways to different colors – and even the medical advice site, WebMdcom , is chiming in. When it’s time to choose paint colors for your kitchen, the site offers the following advice:

• If you have fond childhood memories of time spent in your kitchen, consider recreating that color scheme. The kitchen itself doesn’t need to have the same look, just the colors.
• If you envision stimulating conversations with friends and family in your kitchen, reds and yellows make great choices.
• If you carefully monitor your weight, avoid red because it can prompt you to eat more. Sound strange? Notice how often restaurants use red in their color schemes. They’ve long known the power of red when it comes to stimulating appetites.

So, what if you want colors that encourage communication – but don’t want the appetite- causing red? Reader’s Digest suggests using “vibrant shades of green and blue, yellow, and orange.” The article suggests that you avoid gray unless you want to dampen your appetite.

To discover more about the effects of colors, take a look at this information presented by Psychology.About.com. Simply click on the name of a color to discover more: black,white, red, blue, green, yellow,purple, brown,orange and pink.

Custom kitchen design services

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