Exclusive finishing touches to high end kitchens

You want the finest items in your kitchen, right? From the big things to the smaller ones. So, we took a look around the web to see what’s being recommended for those finishing touches.

Head to Spice Sherpa if you fit into this category: “anyone who loves guilty pleasures, the best of class . . . the lusciousness of knowing you have the best.” To that end, they identify four spices that are the “Lamborghini’s, Dom Pérignon, Prada and 5 karat diamonds of the spice shelf.” Curious? Take a look to see the world ’s four most luxurious spices .

Gourmet magazine dubs the Yubari King melon as the most exclusive fruit , comparing it to Kobe beef. This melon crosses two varieties of cantaloupe and this extravagant fruit is often sold in perfectly matched pairs. The choicest of these melon pairs, the article says, was auctioned off in Japan for $26,000, but you can buy a typical Yubari King melon in a Japanese department store for $50 to $100.

The magazine identifies kopi luwak (civet coffee ) as the most elite , because the coffee bean first goes through the digestive system of a civet (a nocturnal creature similar to a wild cat) found in Asia and Africa. Once the civet excretes the beans, they have been fermented by his stomach enzymes and can be harvested by coffee manufacturers. The coffee retails for $500 per pound. Some companies are feeding coffee beans to caged civets, but droppings from wild creatures are said to create the smoothest coffee taste.

Organic Authority names hop shoots as the most exclusive. These emerge only in springtime, sometime around March and April. They can be difficult to find as they are often still covered by the debris left behind by winter weather. They sell for somewhere around $600 per pound.

Custom kitchen design services

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