Contemporary Kitchen Design: Kitchen Cabinets

Sleek and contemporary have been the catchwords for modern kitchen design, with black and white color schemes being popular – with gray being another color of choice. Not surprisingly, in those kitchens, cabinets have been simple and subtle to match this décor. There has also been an increase in horizontal cabinetry, sometimes with interior inserts to aid in organization. Simple Shaker-style cabinets have also piqued people’s interest.
We found it intriguing, then, that an Australian interior designer is predicting the use of texture and pattern in contemporary kitchen design to add warmth and individuality. If she’s right, it will be interesting to see if this trend travels to the United States. If so, how long will it take?

Ways in which texture and pattern will be incorporated, she predicts, might happen through:

• Wooden paneling
• Architectural profiles on doors
• Stone benchtops
• Patterned splashback tiling

She also suggests that kitchen cabinets will contain two different material types, perhaps “veneer timber with painted surfaces.”

Our Prediction: No Cookie Cutter Design in Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

No matter what trends arise next, we predict that people with discriminating taste will continue to want modern kitchen design that reflects their taste and lifestyle. To that end, we partner only with the best suppliers, including:

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