Kitchen Cabinet Trends – and Today’s Personalized Choices

We had fun going through an article at This Old House that shared kitchen trends over the decades, and here are some interesting observations about cabinets.

  • 1920s: How many of you remember your grandmothers having a hoosier? This stand-alone piece of furniture had metal-lined drawers for flour, pull out spice racks and more to organize the kitchen.
  • 1930s: This decade saw splashes of color with painted cabinets (although this picture doesn’t show the colors).
  • 1950s: The cabinets, like the rest of this kitchen, formed the shape of a U.
  • 1970s: Note how the cabinets conformed to the prevailing kitchen color scheme of brown, gold and avocado. (And it wouldn’t be surprising if the entire house used that color scheme!)
  • 1980s: The kitchen, including the cabinets, took on a brighter, more streamlined look.
  • 1990s: Cabinets took on the role of a showpiece, as did the entire room.

Today’s Luxury Kitchen Cabinets: Personalized to YOUR Taste

When people look back in time at 2016, what’s they’ll likely notice is that people are choosing cabinets that uniquely fit their taste, their needs, and their sense of style. In response, manufacturers are creating increasing types of semi-custom cabinets for today’s contemporary kitchen design.

Total Kitchen Outfitters: TKO Custom Line

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