Kitchen Design and Bath Remodeling to Foster Well-Being

An intriguing article in Kitchen and Bath Design News suggests that kitchen design can play a crucial role in creating an environment that fosters well-being.

As just one example, lighting can be used to improve mood. The article shares how four Starbucks in the Netherlands added EnergyUp lamps that produce a “revitalizing effect” after 20 minutes. A meditation app company, Headspace, is putting meditation pods in schools, parks and airports. Is this something you’d appreciate in your own home?

Other health-related items to add to your kitchen can include quality ventilation systems and top-notch water filtration systems. Choose a refrigerator that helps preserve food nutrients.

Bath Remodeling and Wellness

Steam showers are rejuvenating, and also have documented health benefits, such as helping you breathe more easily when plugged up and relieving coughs. It can increase blood flow, which relieves sore muscles and overworked joints. Steam can also bring relief to dry skin. What about a massaging showerhead for tension relief?

Intelligence toilets were designed in Japan more than a decade ago, and they can weigh you, and measure blood pressure, body fat and sugar levels in blood. The sugar test needs .15 fluid ounces of liquid for the test and, after it’s completed, the toilet self cleans. Results from this test, along with the others, are analyzed and kept in a home network. Personalized diet and exercise advice is then given.

The Kitchen and Bath Design News article also shares how bus straps in Beijing, China can measure body mass index and heart rate – and asks why this technology can’t also be added to bathroom drawer pulls.

Book Recommendations

The article recommends these books:

What would make your dream home a sanctuary for you and your family?

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