Kitchen Design Trends in 2016

If you’re ready to turn your dream kitchen into reality, now is the perfect time. Kitchen trends in 2016 offer something for everyone’s tastes – and you don’t need to worry about “trend” turning into “cookie cutter.” Use this information about trends described in to pinpoint what you like, what you love – and what you wouldn’t want in your kitchen. Then our professional NYC kitchen designers will create a unique room based on your tastes.

Transitional Kitchen Design

If you enjoy mixing style elements, the transitional kitchen is a terrific option. Because it marries traditional styling with clean and contemporary lines, updating your look can be easier than you think.  Take a look at how TKO designers created a two-color stylized kitchen using contemporary kitchen design elements in a traditional kitchen. See what you think of the paneled dishwasher and refrigerator!

Transitional styling offers lots of options to incorporate personal preferences while keeping on trend because the design is functional, elegant and modern. The look is up to date, but also warm and inviting, the way a kitchen should be.

If you want to wink at the latest trends without letting them take over, and you enjoy classic styling with plenty of options, check out our transitional kitchen designs. Not only are they beautiful, they offer a great return on your investment.

Shaker Kitchen Design

Take a look at the Shaker kitchen if you want a more traditional design that can still mesh with modern aesthetics. With its minimalist styling and clean, uncluttered lines, the Shaker kitchen remains very popular in 2016. The design is understated and creates a flawless backdrop for personal embellishments of color and favorite kitchen accessories.

Whether you prefer the look of brilliant white or the warm beauty of natural wood, the Shaker style kitchen cabinets are stylish and eye-catching, while being clean and smart, with simple, recessed centers and little ornamentation. Check out this lovely, all-white Shaker kitchen installed by our NYC custom kitchen contractors. Because of its style versatility, the Shaker kitchen is a design favorite that has proven staying power. If you like elegant simplicity, this kitchen just might be perfect for you.

All-White Kitchen Design

The classic white kitchen is beautiful, versatile, and within every price range. White makes even small spaces look more expansive and creates a perfect backdrop for your own unique pieces. Total Kitchen Outfitters can transform even small kitchen spaces with an all-white renovation that is deluxe and modern. See the stunning results created by our kitchen designers here.

Whether it’s traditional, transitional or contemporary kitchen design, the all-white kitchen is a chic option for your home. How you want to style it is entirely up to you. The possibilities are endless because white is the ideal neutral and enhances every shade on the color wheel. Total Kitchen Outfitters can work with you to design a kitchen that inspires.

Traditional Kitchen Design

Though somewhat overshadowed by more modern or transitional styling, the traditional kitchen remains a force to contend with, one that many people with excellent taste love. Total Kitchen Outfitters can create a traditional kitchen design for you that is stylish, inviting and distinctive. See what we did with this traditional galley kitchen.

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