If one or more of these appeal to you, let us know! That helps us to create your dream kitchen.

High-end kitchen remodeling tips from around the web:


Here are two of the 12 kitchen trends mentioned by Forbes:
Furniture-style cabinetry helps to make the kitchen an area that the entire family can enjoy, not just when it’s time to prep food, cook or eat. If your goal is to make your kitchen warm and welcoming, a place where friends and family gather, then talk to us about this trend.

If you love a French look, know that metallics were big at the design fair Maison & Objet in Paris – and we don’t just mean silver, chrome and stainless steel. Other metallics that are popular now include gold, copper and bronze, which will go with many styles of kitchens, including but not limited to French-inspired décor.


LuxuryHomes.com points out the growing popularity of white cabinetry and quartz countertops. One great feature of quartz: it’s less porous than some other choices and it maintains its luster, even with regular use.


CNNMoney.com shares an interesting trend: that of steam ovens appearing in more and more high-end kitchens. Some steam ovens come with an area that is filled with water, while others have water lines run directly to them. Still others are a combination of a conventional oven with steam capabilities.

Some people appreciate steam ovens because it’s an effective way to cook healthy low fat food without destroying nutrients. Others like them because it frees up their regular oven for other dishes – and, unlike microwaves, you can cook in a steam oven using your metal cooking dishes and utensils, and food doesn’t dry out when reheated with steam.


As one final idea, Lushome.com notes an increasing amount of decorating with glass, which can give your kitchen a bright and spacious look. Couple that with strategic use of lighting and you can really transform the look of your kitchen.

What really matters, of course, is what YOU like and what you want in YOUR kitchen. If you’ve already got your dream kitchen planned out, share that vision with us and we will make it happen. If you’d like to brainstorm ideas with us, that’s perfect, too. Total Kitchen Outfitters has been in business continuously since 1988 and many of the people who will assist you have worked with us for 25 years or more, so you’ll get the benefit of their combined experience.

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