High-end kitchens: matching – or mix and match?

When a kitchen is being redesigned and remodeled, clients typically want the elements to all work together to create a pleasing whole. The question is how much should match – and how much should mix and match!

On the one hand, a kitchen that harmoniously matches throughout shows that each element was chosen with care – and with consideration of what else will exist in your dream kitchen. For some people, that creates a relaxing environment that suits them perfectly. On the other hand, you might have different tastes. If so, too much similarity in colors, textures and finishes could create a blander appearance when what you really want is a kitchen with elements that boldly stand out.

Mixing and matching in your custom kitchen design

Talk to the designers at Total Kitchen Outfitters to let us know your preferences. Some people want a kitchen to be strictly traditional – or entirely contemporary. Still others enjoy breaking the mold and doing some mixing and matching in style. If you’re in the latter group, we can use color schemes, design lines and more to connect the elements in unexpected ways. Or, we can use a surprising jolt of color or unusual pattern to draw attention to a key piece.

Here’s another idea. You could choose to keep some custom kitchen cabinets in their natural wood state – while staining and/or painting others. Or you could design the base cabinets in a way that differs from the wall cabinets – or mix and match your luxury kitchen countertops.

What to avoid: if you’re going to mix and match . . . do it! Make that statement. If you use two woods, for example, that are too much alike in color, then it may simply appear as though they weren’t well matched.

Custom kitchen design services

Our team of professionals provides exclusive design services and craftsmanship while also understanding the importance of creating a high end kitchen that will truly serve as the heart of your home. We partner with the finest suppliers to bring you a wide array of styles and choice materials.

We have more than 20 years of experience and we will accompany you on your complete journey: from concept to construction – culminating in the unique kitchen of your dreams.

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