Are you a NYC landlord looking to renovate your tenant’s bathrooms? Are you a Brooklynite ready to take on that small bathroom? We have a few things for you to think about in the design phase of your renovation.

Mirrors the Space Illusion Tool

In a small space mirrors are always the answer for creating the illusion of space. With a large mirror covering one of your walls, it will create depth that gives your bathroom a feeling of openness.

Windows and Natural Light

Windows are the perfect way to bring natural light into your small space. Even if you already have one, is there a way to extend the existing size? Is it possible to change out the windowpanes or framework of the window to allow more light in?

Where to Put the Towels?

Nothing can clutter up a space like, well, clutter. Finding storage for toiletries and towels can be a real challenge in a small bathroom space. Coming up with clever storage solutions for your NYC bathroom renovation can be daunting. Our bathroom designers can help you come up with the perfect storage solution.

Work With What You Have

Consider what you have to work around; the obvious is the toilet, sink, and bathing area. To create more space you may want to consider a smaller vanity or perhaps you can live without the tub and renovate your bathroom to hold a top-notch sauna shower.

From the Top to the Bottom Bathroom Renovation

We all know that the wrong color flooring and walls can make a room appear claustrophobic and uninviting. That’s why we typically recommend a light natural tone for your walls along with a crisp tile for your flooring.

When it comes to ceilings, a skylight might be a perfect solution to creating more light and open space. Even if a skylight is out of the question, we recommend a white ceiling with just the right lighting to set off an open feel in the bathroom.

Call your NYC Bathroom Renovation Experts

At Total Kitchen Outfitters, we can help with your NYC bathroom renovation. If you are concerned about the cost, give us a call for a free consultation and estimate. You would be surprised out how, over time, an experts work ends up saving you money.